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Better recruiting starts with quality candidate pipeline

JobScore brings all of your recruitment marketing and candidate sourcing activity into one place

  • A white picket sign that says Work at Acme.

    Careers Site

    Build a beautiful careers site that attracts visitors to apply.

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    Job Boards

    Easily post to job boards with one click.

  • Cartoon with a thought bubble of another person to include in an employee referral program.

    Employee Referrals

    Generate more leads from the #1 source of top performers.

  • Cartoon magnifying glass with a candidate in the center.

    Research & Sourcing

    JobScore makes it easier to search for the perfect candidate

Source quality reporting page with line graphs, and pie charts to show hiring metrics.

The path to efficient communication, collaboration and hiring results

JobScore streamlines your recruiting with time saving tools like candidate profiles, smart scoring, automated email responses, interview scheduling, and feedback reminders. We help you get straight to what matters most – interactions with qualified candidates that lead to better hires.

A blue wave with numbers listing the ways to recruit candidates using JobScore's enterprise recruiting software.results-path

Make JobScore your own

Tailor JobScore to match your brand’s look and feel, creating an amazing candidate experience in minutes. Make your jobs stand out from the competition with videos, images, maps and team profiles.

  • An example careers site for a media pricing analyst
  • An example careers site for a software engineer.

JobScore puts recruiting insights at your fingertips

Measure candidate source ROI, time to offer, key performance indicators and recruiting team progress. JobScore doesn’t just tell you how you are doing, our analytics identify opportunities to improve.

A tablet with a JobScore source quality tracking report and a hand using it.
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1,000+ employers trust JobScore with their hiring

Tiles of the logos of different JobScore clients using our enterprise recruiting software.Tiles of the logos of different JobScore clients using our enterprise recruiting software.