Connect Your Calendar

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with your own calendar

  • Synchronize JobScore with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook/Exchange or Microsoft Office 365.
  • See real time free/busy availability for your entire team and every conference room.
  • Easily add calls and interviews directly to your teams’ calendars.


Perfect Calendar Events

  • Include the entire schedule: times, interviewers, and conference rooms.
  • Link to an interview template with everything they need.
  • Attach the candidate’s original resume file.*
Calendar invite publishing using JobScore.


Calendar Tetris

Calendar coordination and interview scheduling using JobScore.

See free/busy for multiple people and conference rooms at the same time.

Schedule multiple-time slots and rooms on one screen.

Publish calendar events, send interview confirmation emails, and update your workflow with one click.



  • JobScore notifies schedulers when invites are declined, edited or deleted.
  • Reschedule, re-publish and send the updated schedule to the candidate in one step.
  • When attendees decline interviews, JobScore makes rescheduling simple.”

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    Angie Brincks

    Recruiting Assistant at Sojern

Out of sync interview rescheduling alert