Ask the Right Questions

Create the perfect application form for every job

Example of a short job application form on a mobile device.

Short forms

for tough jobs

  • Make it easy for people to express interest when a job is hard to fill.
  • JobScore can shorten your application form to ask for just a name and email.

Long forms

help qualify applicants

  • JobScore helps you build candidate pipeline… which can mean a lot of applicants to review.
  • Adding questions to your application form makes it easier to zero in on qualified candidates.
  • Create reusable application forms for different departments and locations using job templates.
Long form candidate application example with sample job application questions.
Easy to use drag and drop application form screenshots


easy to apply

  • JobScore parses contact, employment and education information from resumes and linkedin profiles.
  • Extracted information is pre-populated into application forms so job seekers don’t have to type it in.
  • This means people often apply with zero typing and just one click!