Notify the Right People

The right information at the right time

New candidate alerts via email on phone and tablet


Candidate Alerts

  • Control who is notified about new candidates for each job: recruiters, hiring managers or other team members.
  • Choose whether emails are sent individually or in a daily digest on a job-by-job basis.
  • Add special-case rules to ensure people see referral candidates and search firm submissions.

Submit & Discuss

Candidates in email SCALE & ENTERPRISE PLANS

  • Lend hiring managers a helping hand by reviewing applicants for them.
  • Submit qualified candidates with your screening notes.
  • Need to keep it confidential? Make notes private and control exactly who can see them.
  • Managers can reply naturally in email and JobScore auto-magically records email discussions.
Candidate alerts via email for a note being added to candidate account.

Digests to inform and improve

Emails with just what you need


    Daily candidate digests show new candidates for your jobs.


    Daily task digests show upcoming interviews and feedback you owe.


    Weekly summaries help you keep an eye on the big picture.

Overdue Alerts

help you stay on track

Candidate overdue alert notifications