Review Candidates

Make Decisions

with a glance

  • JobScore extracts contact information, employment and education history from resumes.
  • Extracted information is presented in easy-to-scan profiles so you can quickly take action.
  • Need more information? Beautifully formatted resumes and online social profiles are just a click away.
Magnified candidate resume overview using JobScore's Candidate Manager software.

Score candidates

the way you want

  • Set criteria like location, job titles, degrees, and keywords for each job.
  • Weight each criteria so JobScore can generate a score for each candidate.
  • Sort candidates by score to move the people you want to the top of the pile.
Magnified scoring tool image for a better recruitment process.

Qualify Candidates

with your own questions

JobScore candidate manager dashboard to hire better

JobScore makes it easy to ask inbound job applicants the right questions.

Easily filter and sort candidates based on how they answer your questions.

Work when you want

& where you want

  • Instantly review candidates in email as they come in.
  • Disposition and communicate with candidates from your mobile phone.
  • Set up a personal recruiting dashboard to keep you focused.
A hand gripping a phone screening candidates on the go