About Us

Our Mission

Empower employers to find and hire great people. We relentlessly build and improve software that helps your team get better at recruiting.

Our Network

JobScore includes a cooperative recruiting database that makes high quality, private connections between people and jobs. We leverage matching technology to recommend qualified, interested candidates for your job openings.

Our History

The idea for JobScore was conceived in 2004 by a veteran technology recruiter and a Stanford educated technologist. We launched in 2006 and have been leveraging technology to help employers get better at hiring ever since.

Our values

  • Simple & Powerful

    Easy to understand, easy to configure, easy to get stuff done.

  • Self Service

    No need to email support and wait to make changes.

  • Measure & Improve

    Built in metrics and reports that help the entire team continously improve.


Dark brown haired man in black glasses smiling in a green sweater and a plaid shirt.

Dan Arkind
CEO and Co-Founder

Dan brings recruiting experience and vision to JobScore. Dan spent seven years with OTEC , the recruiting firm that spun off Hotjobs.com. Dan co-founded OTEC’s Silicon Valley search practice, training a team of recruiters and placing personnel at early stage enterprise software, internet services, media and content companies. Dan holds a bachelor’s degree from Wesleyan University.

Dan is from Brazil and enjoys woodworking and mentoring.

Light brown haired man smiling in a dark brown collared shirt.

Bob Mayes
CTO and Co-Founder

Bob brings a track record of software innovation to JobScore. After managing service engagements for Global 500 customers on behalf of BroadVision and Accenture, Bob co-founded, built, and sold notifications service provider Yopa to Xdrive. Bob received his undergraduate degree and performed post-graduate research in artificial intelligence and neural networks at Stanford University.

Bob is from Iowa and, despite being a Midwesterner, enjoys boating.

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We believe that you are who you surround yourself with.

We are only successful when our customers are successful.

We’re looking for people who are smart and get things done. We think testing is good and it’s all about common sense. We keep it real as often as we can.

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