Interview Better

Effective interviews

start with a plan

  • Interview plans include sample questions, rating criteria and tips on how to sell candidates on an opportunity.
  • JobScore helps you divide these up into interview templates for your team to use at each stage of the hiring process.
  • Scheduled interviews link to these templates so your team is always prepared.
A whiteboard with the words, plan, prepare, and perform beside check boxes.

Everything you need all on one screen

  • Create unique interview templates per role, or share templates within your department or across the entire company.

Share Feedback

with the team

Interview feedback notification emails.

Didn’t make the grade? Save time by exiting candidates early.

Concerned about something? Get a second opinion to make sure you’ve got the right fit.

Impressed and excited? Accelerate into sales mode when you spot a winner.


from anywhere

  • Email alerts, resumes & interview templates are all mobile optimized… so the information you need is always at your fingertips.
  • This makes it easy to conduct phone interviews on the road, while commuting or even on a ski lift!
A man wearing a glove and a winter jacket, holding a phone with interviewing activity


to Measure & manage

  • See who is interviewing candidates and how often.
  • Identify if interviewers are too easy or too hard on candidates.
  • Track how long it takes each team member to add feedback.
  • Identify which criteria are holding up your hiring process.
An intervew rating calibration report on a laptop computer screen