Improve Continuously

JobScore recruiting analytics help you make better hires in record time

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  • The ability to act quickly and decisively is a competitive advantage in recruiting.
  • The Velocity Report surfaces process bottlenecks by exposing how long candidates spend in each stage.
  • Filter by specific users to identify who is getting stuck and take steps to improve your time to hire.
Green arrow identifying a bottleneck to ensure better recruiting using JobScore.



  • Recruiting is a team sport and JobScore helps you get everyone in the game.
  • The engagement report shows who is accessing JobScore and how often they perform key actions.
  • Use this information to identify who needs help and who deserves a pat on the back.
User engagement report, using JobScore recruitment metrics tools.


and Diagnose

  • JobScore records virtually everything your team does in the system.
  • Our success team will dig through your data with you to understand what’s happening.
  • We’ll leverage our 10 years of experience working with 1000+ businesses to recommend solutions.
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