Make Great Hiring Decisions

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  • Hiring the right people can be the difference between business success and failure.
  • JobScore encourages you to think critically about what you need, assess for it, and then make quality data-driven hiring decisions.

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  • Hiring decisions are only as good as the data you use to make them.
  • Great decisions start with a team brainstorm to identify skills, attributes, interview questions and sales points.
  • Once you’ve got everything up on a witheboard, rank what’s most important.



  • Once you know what you are looking for turn your desired skills and attributes into ratings in JobScore.
  • Ratings are how your team provides structured, measurable interview feedback on candidates.
  • Each rating includes a short description so interviewers know exactly what to assess.



Listing of multiple interview templates for recruiting admins.

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  • Interview templates determine what your team sees while they interview candidates.
  • Templates can include rating criteria as well as interviewing instructions, sample questions and a field to type up notes.
  • When you connect your calendar published events are linked to these templates, so every interviewer knows exactly what to do.

Divide &


  • The idea is to create a JobScore interview template for each stage of your hiring process.
  • Planning everything out helps the team avoid asking the same questions and trust each other to cover what’s needed.
  • Building templates also helps provide a great candidate experience and sell candidates on the job.
A customizeable interview template to collect hiring data on a tablet.

Evidence Based


  • Filter candidates based their average rating.
  • Click in to see everyone’s feedback in a single view.
  • Have constructive, civil conversations about candidate strengths and weaknesses.
  • Make data-driven decisions instead of relying on your memory or who is shouting the loudest.
Rating details magnified from the candidate manager page.