Streamline Communications

Effective recruiting

Requires smooth collaboration

JobScore helps you stay in sync

and get things done

Candidate Communication

Designed for Speed

Email template for candidate communication to make the hiring process faster.

Compose like a pro

  • Review past emails and notes on the compose email screen to avoid duplicate work and misunderstandings
  • Schedule candidate emails to be sent hours or days in the future
  • Send emails as yourself, anonymously or on behalf of a co worker to skip workflow steps
Email composed to be sent at a later time using JobScore automation tools


candidate email

  • Connect your email to let JobScore record every email you send to and receive from candidates
  • This means you won’t have to switch between applications or worry about copying and pasting emails into the system — so you can work naturally.
  • You’ll also be able to work faster because no one will ask “did you send that email?” or “have they replied?” — the answer will always be in the system.
Two cartoon men, one holding a socket, the other holding a plug with thought bubbles above them.

Team Communication

is the heart of great recruiting

JobScore is designed to be used by your entire team

Computer and phone with JobScore recruiter candidate profile view

Notify the right people when candidates apply, prompting them to take action.

Ask coworkers to review candidates and they can start recorded discussions by simply replying to an email.

Search firm communication

Treat agencies like an extension of your team



& report

  • JobScore is designed to be the single source of truth for all candidate email correspondence, discussion and interview feedback.
  • Recent activity is prominently shown when you review candidates and jobs all — so everyone stays on the same page
  • If things get off track you can drill down into the complete history of each job, candidate and user.