Drive Recruiting Dashboards

See what to do

to hire great people

Personal hiring dashboards

Personal recruitment dashboard on desktop and phone.

Understand the entire picture with a glance.

See how many people are in each workflow stage.

Decide where to focus and click to take action.



  • The hiring dashboard shows what every team member needs to do.
  • Prompt folks to follow up before they fall behind.
  • Visibility and transparency help everyone stay on point.
Three cartoon recruiters with cellphones on a tandem bike.


by Job

  • The Job Manager includes a snapshot of all candidates in process for each job.
  • Hiring managers answer questions on their own, so you don’t have to update spreadsheets.
  • Start from here if you prefer to work by job instead of by workflow stage.
A hand using the job manager page on JobScore



  • As recruiting scales it gets harder to keep track of interviews.
  • JobScore shows company-wide interviewing on the task manager.
  • Track upcoming scheduled interviews to verify everyone is prepared.
  • See who owes interview feedback so no one falls through the cracks.
Interview activity using task manager on tablet and phone

Use Reports

as dashboards

  • JobScore has 15+ built in reports including source quality, activity, velocity and overdue reports.
  • Reports include links so you can click to review and take action based on what you learn.
  • Filter by department, job status, location, user and more to build and bookmark the dashboards you need.