Customize Workflows

Blue and white circles with hiring process activity names inside them, above an open hand.

We work the way

recruiting works

  • Get results with little customization because JobScore is the brainchild of experienced recruiting professionals.
  • Keep workflows simple and clear to minimize hassle and confusion.
  • Skip ahead or move back anytime because every candidate has their own unique journey.

Your process,

Your way

  • People are what make your company special, customize JobScore to help you hire qualified candidates that fit your unique culture.
  • Add, edit, remove or reorder stages antime you want… there’s no need to contact us to make changes.
  • Control who can make changes… so things don’t get messy.
Customizeable candidate stages on recruitment dashboard.
Create/add workflow stage information box.

Ownership &


  • Recruiting requires that people to work together to make great hires.
  • JobScore promotes collaboration, transparency and accountability by allowing you to set an owner and an “overdue after” due date for each workflow stage.
  • This is surfaced on everyone’s personal hiring dashboard, so it’s clear who is responsible for each candidate.

Templates for each job

While workflow stages keep things simple and consistent, templates are how you customize and automate the process for each job.

Job Templates

Store preset branding, forms, access control and more.

Note Templates

Submit candidates for team review and discussion.

Email templates

Save time while keeping messages consistent and on-brand.

Interview Templates

Help your team interview better and make great hiring decisions.

Reuse templates across locations and departments to make JobScore flexible, scalable and maintainable.


Offer templates, e-signatures, notifications, we’ve got this!

Visualize the funnel

Hiring process funnel visual on a tablet.

The funnel report includes the raw data you need to streamline and tune your workflow to spend wisely and improve continuously.