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  • JobScore can automatically post your jobs to free job boards, easily saving your team 1 hour of data entry per job, per month.
  • Job postings stay published as long as the job is open, so you don’t need to worry about re-posting the same job multiple times.
  • Don’t want to post a specific job? No problem! Turn automatic job posting on or off whenever you want.
Tablet posting to free job boards using Jobscore.

Buy postings

on 70+ job boards with 1 click

  • JobScore also helps you get your jobs on paid job boards, saving hours of monotonous data entry each month.
  • Because of our negotiated rates, sometimes it’s cheaper to buy postings from JobScore than buying directly from the job board.
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Post anywhere

with custom tracking links

  • If JobScore hasn’t already integrated a niche job board you use, it’s simple to create a custom tracking link and insert it in your job posting.
  • Tracking links help us understand where every candidate comes from, every time.”

    Woman with blong hair in a white shirt smiling

    Erin Schmidt

    Manager of Talent at Tigertext

Creating a tracking link to post to a job board listing

Track your postings

    JobScore keeps track of where you’ve posted your job.
    Easily drill down into how individual postings perform.
  • See views, clicks, applies and more for each posting.

Optimize job posting spend

Source quality breakdown report using JobScore.

See how many candidates from each source reach each stage of your workflow.

Make your CFO happy by focusing spending on sources that get results.