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  • Great people want to work with other great people. JobScore makes it easy to share your jobs with friends.
  • Employee job sharing targets people connected to your company who are more likely to be a good fit.
  • Every time an employee shares a job they are helping to build your company’s employment brand for free.

Get everyone involved in Social recruiting

  • LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter buttons for social recruiting.
    JobScore makes it easy for every employee to share your jobs on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and by email.
  • The menu dropdown for social recruiting in JobScore
    Employees have complete control over who they share jobs with.
  • Notification for an employee referral program email
    Send referral campaign emails to engage your team and prompt them to share hot jobs.



  • Pictures and videos help make job shares jump off the page and generate awareness.
  • JobScore includes a reusable media library you can populate with pictures and videos to share.
  • Employees select the media they like best when they share.
Social recruiting postings on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.



  • Employee job sharing is great, but re-sharing is even better.
  • JobScore helps build a bigger audience by encouraging friends to re-share jobs.
  • Anyone who visits a job on your fabulous careers site can easily re-share your jobs.
Share a job page for social network recruiting.


social job sharing campaigns

Social recruiting and customer happiness reporting pages

Easily see who is sharing jobs and whether shares generate job views and applications.

Recognize top social promoters and reward referral hires.

Improve employer brand perception, cost of hire and hire quality.